It is my belief that horses should be allowed to be loose in a pasture setting, so that they can have herd behaviors and an all over healthier lifestyle. We like our horses to have the chance to be horses, so they are turned out together 24/7 when they are not on the clock on 12 acres. This gives them ample time to play and work out any issues they may have with one another. Being turned out in a herd also helps to make their herd dynamics stronger and to work better as a team. They benefit greatly from movement and varied terrain, which is why I have bales spread out through the pasture and pea gravel in certain areas. The only time any of them are locked in a stall, besides medical reasons, is for feeding time. Certain horses (seniors primarily) are separated from the others to eat by themselves, while the rest are divided into small groups. We also regularly participate in playdays and trail competitions to give our horses some variety in their activities. We feel it gives them a break from the trail and helps to keep them mentally sound. Our horses are also kept barefoot. Metal shoes prevent the hoof from being able to flex and provide adequate blood flow to the horse's hoof