Basic Information


The length of the ride is determined by the first people that book in any given time slot, and the experience level of the ride (beginner to advanced) is determined by the person with the lowest level of experience.So, if you want to do some heavy trotting or loping, please make sure we know in advance. With ridealongs, the max you can go is one hour, due to a 3-6 year old's attention span :) If you have a brave 6 year old, they are welcome to ride on their own horse. We can always pony an older child if they are nervous. As for number of riders, I try to keep my groups between 4-6 people, but we can take up to 7 single riders (8 if one is a ride along). I prefer to keep the rides small so that we are able to talk with everyone in the line-up without having to yell.

Weight Limit: 225LBS