Brownie Giddy Up and Go Try It Badge

• Learn how to feed horses and what they eat.
• Give a horse a special treat.
• The Trail Guide will show you the correct way to mount and dismount from a horse. Sit in the saddle and
take hold of the reins. The Guide will also, lead you on a short ride in order to get the feel of how the horse moves.
• You will learn what you should wear while you riding a horse and how does the clothing that you wear keep you
safe while you are riding.
• Look at the special riding helmets and learn why you always wear a riding helmet when riding.
• Watch someone grooming a horse and then help groom the horse using a brush, currycomb and hoof pick. Learn
what does the horse’s coat feel like and brush the horse’s mane.
• Learn what is “tacking up a horse” and look at a saddle and discover the difference between a western and
English saddle, what does a girth do and how the saddle pad protects the saddle from the horses sweat.